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The 5th Tradition of AA states that each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

Many service opportunities are available across our group, OIAA and the GSO.  Check out the following sites to determine where you might like to serve.

AAMeetingOnline.com Group:  to volunteer to chair a meeting or to attend the monthly business meeting, email bill@aameetingonline.com. 

See further down this page for other group service positions.



Group Service Positions






Secretary Chris B

Apr 2024 - Apr 2026

Treasurer David T bill@aameetingonline.com Feb 2023 - Feb 2025
General Service Representative (GSR)
The GSR serves as the group's contact with the General Service Office (GSO). The GSO serves as an information hub between groups and AA as a whole.
Ashley H Chris R trustedservants23@yahoo.com Mar 2024 - Mar 2025
Intergroup Representative (IGR)
Learn about AA intergroups at MG-02 - Central or Intergroup Offices (aa.org)
Kirstin M Fast Eddie igr@aameetingonline.com Oct 2022 - Oct 2024